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Date & PlaceFocusPresenter(s)Readings
11/19 7:30-8:30pm WJH 12th floorInaugural MeetingAllNone
12/17 7:00-8:00pm WJH 12th floor(1) Review Scheines & Esarey

(2) Where does machine learning meet causal inference?

(3) Discussion & application to clinical psych projects
Karthik DinakarReadings:

(1) Causal Inference from Observational Data, Justin Esarey (PDF)

(2) Causal Discovery,
Richard Scheines & others (PDF)


(1) Causal Inference, HernĂ n & Robins (PDF 1) (PDF 2)

(2) Causal Inference for Statistics, Social, and Biomedical Sciences: An Introduction, Imbens & Rubin (Book)

(3) Truth in Data, David Blei, Columbia University (Link)
1/21 7:00-8:00pm WJH 12th FloorLensing: Human-in-the-loop Generative Modeling to Represent PerspectivesKarthik Dinakar Readings:

1. Build, Compute, Critique,
Repeat: Data Analysis with
Latent Variable Models, David Blei, 2014 (PDF)

2. Posterior Predictive Assessment of Model Fitness Via Realized Discrepancy Functions, Andrew Gelman, 1996 (PDF)

3. Indian Psychology: Perception, Jadunath Sinha, 1934 (PDF)
2/25 7:00-8:00pm WJH 12th floorEmotion Differentiation, Language and Mental Health Erik NookReadings:

(1) Unpacking Emotion Differentiation:
Transforming Unpleasant Experience by
Perceiving Distinctions in Negativity - Kashdan et.al (PDF)

(2) Psychological Aspects of Natural
Language use: Our Words, Our Selves, Annual Reviews, James Pennebaker (PDF)


(3) Social Language Network Analysis, Scholand et.al, (PDF)

(4) Counting Little Words in Big Data:
The Psychology of Communities, Culture, and History, Chung et.al, (PDF)

(5) Patterns of Natural Language Use: Disclosure, Personality and Social Integration, Pennebaker et.al (PDF)

(6) Expressive Writing: Connections to Physical and Mental Health, Pennabaker et.al, (PDF)
4/21 7:00-8:00pm WJH 12th floorCausal Inference in Single-Case Experiment DesignMatthew Nock Readings:

Single-Case Experimental Designs for the Evaluation of Treatments for Self-Injurious and Suicidal Behaviors, Rizvi & Nock (PDF)


Single Case Experimental Designs: Strategies for Studying Behavior Change (3rd Edition) (Book)
5/21 7:00-8:00pm WJH 12th floorReward and Learning in Autism Spectrum DisordersCora MukerjiReadings:

1. Adapted to explore: Reinforcement learning in Autistic Spectrum Conditions, Eldad Yechiam et.al., (PDF)

2. Feedback-Driven Trial-by-Trial Learning in Autism Spectrum Disorders, Marjorie Solomon et.al., (PDF)

3. The social motivation theory of autism, Coralie Chevallier et.al., (PDF)